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Editorial & Media Support

It has been our constant endeavor to make our pre-school education programme self-sustaining yet innovative and most useful. In order to make sure that we provide a curriculum that is best suited for young children we have authored and published our own series of books with the help of our in-house team of authors, editors and designers. These books have been created with the combined efforts of the best of educators in the pre-primary education segment. Our Editorial team is invariably in touch with a number of Research associates who are constantly updating themselves with the latest trends and practices in the field of pre-school education.

In the present scenario, it is difficult for a business enterprise to maintain its reputation and create a credible reputation in the market without an appropriate level of media coverage. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that our Franchisees benefit by using this very effective tool of communication, brand promotion and advertisement. Our media reporting is inclusive of coverage in print and electronic medium intending to take our brand to the top. We have even conducted publicity campaigns (through newspapers) on a national scale that have raised the recognition of our Franchisees immensely. Today, the media has become the springboard for higher glory and an indispensable support system to be visible amongst the target group. It has become all the more important that we use media judiciously in this cut-throat competitive world and race ahead for further growth.

Our team of media partners has helped a great deal in enhancing our brand value through publicity across various electronic channels and print media. BACHPAN, through national advertising support, generates awareness among the people, without putting any burden on you.