About - 360 App

The Bachpan AHPS 360 Support App is a complete automation system that is all about the needs of our students, parents, teachers, and the schools’ staff. This application has been designed to ease and automate all our school operations. The user-friendly approach of the application makes it stand out from any innovation that the education industry needs. Various key specifications would make the parents-school engagement soothing and would lead to an amicable experience for everyone.

The features are customized as per the needs of the user. Varied users would get features according to their login profile roll.

Now, the parents and teachers need not worry about things related to the child and the child too can be benefitted by experiencing comfort like never before. If you are a teacher you would have options that are comfortable for a teacher, and the same goes for school principals, parents, school staff, and the students.

This app is an all-in-one got-to variable. They would learn through the attractive and detailed LMS modules and get updates about all their assessments, school timetable, and holidays too. Overall, this app is an all-rounder that the modern world of education entails.

Our Features

To benefit you and your kids, we have added additional features that will be helpful any time of the day. The obliging features would help you in resolving the basic queries that parents usually have in their heads. The affable support features of the app are dedicated to making everything easy for you through comfort and 24Ă—7 support.

LMS Module :

  • The Learning Management System offers learning ebooks, interactive videos helping teachers to save time on daily teaching activities

  • It helps teachers and parents to track student progress at each learning stage

  • Gives a boost to student engagement because of the active learning videos and online Worksheets

Virtual Classroom :

  • A collaborative web conferencing with online whiteboard,breakout rooms,and screen sharing for teacher-student interaction

  • An experience for kids that resembles the actual classrooms

  • Effective two-way communication techniques involved

Evaluating Examination :

  • Easily schedule class wise exam

  • share & Notify exam schdeule with teachers/parents and students

  • Automatic alarm prior to scheduled examination

Rolling Result :

  • Print marksheet as per the CBSE/State Board format

  • Admin/Teachers can upload marks through Mobile App/Web App

  • Parents can view result on Mobile App

  • Parents/Teachers can easily analyze all the result

eFeedback :

  • A platform to establish an interactive connection between parents and teachers

  • Share feedbacks regarding students like mark sheets, test marks through the module

  • Helps the kid because of the easy interaction of parent-teachers

Instant Updates/Notification :

  • Send transactional SMS instantly

  • Check Live SMS delivery status

  • Save/create SMS templates


  • Dashboard for every role

  • User can view summarized information of different modules

  • Graphical representation for better analysis

Gregarious Generic Features

  • 24X7 availability of the application

  • Centralized & Cloud based application

  • Dedicated servers with high level architecture (SOA, Micro-Services ) for availability and data security

  • Role ( Director , Principal , Teacher , Parents) based Mobile App and Web Application login

  • Push Notification for every activity

Dashing Dashboard:

  • Easily create time table of all the classes

  • Automatic notification parents/teachers in case of any update in timetable

  • In case of absence of faculty iTimetable suggests availability of free teacher

  • Notification to teacher in case of sudden allocation to another class

Rigorous Registration:

  • Easily register and maintain users

  • Easily print registration form or get printout of filled registration form

  • Import utility for bulk registration

  • Upload and maintain all relevant documents during registration

Library Management

  • Manages all the transactions of books

  • Sends automatic frequent reminders to students to return books

  • Manage books procurement request

Account Management :

  • Make your accounting easy

  • Keep your finances updated with real time reports and charts

  • Login based access for safe and secure operation

  • Anytime anywhere access of your accounts/records

iTransport :

  • Admin or Teacher can take attendance through Web or Mobile

  • Automatic student presence/absence notification to all Parents

  • Streaming of CCTV system in mobile app

  • Readily available student & faculty attendance records

Attentive Attendance

  • Make your accounting easy

  • Keep your finances updated with real time reports and charts

  • Login based access for safe and secure operation

  • Anytime anywhere access of your accounts/records