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Q. 1.  How much time it will take to complete this course?
Ans. You can go through the course as per your convenience. However, general course duration is one year which can be extended for further one year.

Q. 2.  What is the benefit of doing this Course from Bachpan Academy?
Ans.  The Course has been designed, keeping in mind, the market requirements. Topics have been covered from every angle in totality. This course will surely help you in becoming a successful teacher.

Q. 3.  Is your Course recognized from any university / Board?
Ans.    Our course is not recognized from any university / Board. But, it is at par with course provided by any other university / Board.

Q. 4.  What is the purpose of assignment?
Ans.   Assignments are for your assessment only. Assignments and exercise are given at the end of every chapter. You have to send your written answers after going through all the Chapters in a particular book. Assignments will be send back to you, after proper rectification and checking.

Q. 5.  Will there be any assistance from Bachpan Academy in completing the assignments?
Ans.   Yes, of course! For any kind of assistance, feel free to contact us through telephonic call, e-mail, letter, etc. You can also personally approach our R&D department, but only after taking a prior appointment.

Q. 6.  What is the system of sending assignment?
Ans.  Assignments can be prepared on plain A4 size sheets. You have to send your assignment at our office address. Please mention your Roll No. on them.

Q. 7.  Who will be responsible if I didn’t receive any material?
Ans.  Any loss in transaction will be borne by us. Although, we send the material through professional agencies or through registered post, which reduces such chances to great extent.

Q. 8.  What if I want to withdraw after paying first instalment?
Ans.   The fee of the course is non-refundable, as we provide the flexibility in completing the course.

Q. 9.  How much proficiency will gather after completing the course through BACHPAN ACADEMY?
Ans.  If you are sincere and wants to excel, surely you can become a successful teacher / trainer after undergoing our course.

Q. 10.   Are you going to charge any thing extra except the mentioned fees?
Ans.   No, there are no extra charges. In fact, we will send your diploma whenever your finish your Course and that too without any extra cost.