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Exclusive 360° Support For Every Stakeholder

How to start a preschool franchise when there are so many complex business operations to take care of? As the best preschool franchise in India, Bachpan has a preschool franchise opportunity that has got it all covered for you! You do not have to worry about any of your business operations and stakeholders!

Our 360° Support App is an ALL-IN-ONE AUTOMATION SYSTEM! It saves you effort as well as time in every school-related task when you franchise for school with us.
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Our all-in-one automation platform caters to the needs of all our stakeholders (parents, students, school management, and teachers) and automates day-to-day operations for them, saving time as well as hassle.

  • SCHOOL: Management Made Effective
  • Performance analysis of teachers/students/staff
  • Timetable creation & updation
  • Easily shareable class-wise exam schedule
  • Rapid documentation
  • Admission growth analysis
  • Payroll/account/fee management
  • Enquiry/visitor management
  • Library management
  • Leave management
  • GPS tracking of school transport
  • TEACHER: Teaching Made Modern
  • LMS(Learning Management System) module
  • E-books, interactive videos & online worksheets for great teaching
  • One-click assigning of homework
  • Marksheet generation
  • Monitoring of students’ learning outcomes
  • In constant touch with parents
  • Live classes integrated into App
  • Leave application
  • In constant touch with parents
  • PARENT: Involvement Made Effortless
  • Child’s progress report always at hand
  • Notification of child’s homework & exams
  • Easy homework submission
  • Exam results
  • Teacher’s e-connect
  • School calendar & updates
  • Child’s attendance record
  • GPS tracking of child’s school vehicle
  • Automatic fee reminders & receipts
  • STUDENT: Learning Made Easy
  • Integrated e-books
  • Simplified online learning
  • Unlimited practice tests
  • 500+ hours of educational digital content
  • Automatic notifications before exams
  • Online assessment & exams
  • Library book reminders
  • Online events/contests/surveys
  • Homework submission
  • Mapped digital content

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There a Bachpan 360° Support App for Android?

Yes, our Bachpan 360° Support App can easily be downloaded from the Play Store on Android phones and devices. Also, the Bachpan 360° Support App for iOS is available (though not the Bachpan 360° Support App for PC and the Bachpan 360° Support App APK), and it can be downloaded from the App Store.

Is Bachpan a Good Playschool That Stays Up-To-Date?

Bachpan emerged as India’s leading playschool within a few years of its inception in 2004 and established over 100+ branches in only 3 years. It was all because we earned the trust of parents by going the extra mile every time for children’s holistic growth and development. Our support app is one of those efforts that distinguish us in the preschool segment. It offers 500+ hours of educational digital content, integrated e-books, and worksheets that can help parents and students continue their learning journey at their own pace even outside the premises of Bachpan.

Is This App Only for the Parents, Students, and Schools of Bachpan?

Yes, only the stakeholders of our Bachpan Play School (parents, students, school management, and teachers) can log into the app and access its incredible features.

When Was the Bachpan 360° Support App Launched?

We launched this all-in-one automation platform in 2022, staying ahead of time.