Holistic growth comes from different preschool programs and activities


Play-way methods of learning are the norm at Bachpan Play School. Therefore, we conduct many different kinds of extracurricular kids’ activities that focus on the gross and fine motor skills of children, their collaborative attitude, cognitive growth, creative and critical thinking, leadership capabilities, and communication capacities. From time to time, Bachpan Play School organises different preschool programs and competitions as well (such as the national-level Bachpan Baby Carnival, Olympiads, and ABCD) for students.

Top 3 Programs at Bachpan

  1. Your Child’s 1st Bachpan Baby Carnival

    The Bachpan Baby Carnival promises to be your child’s first National-level digital stage designed exclusively for their incredible talents. There are various categories such as Fancy Dress, Rhyme Recitation, Fashion Show, and Drawing in this program wherein your child gets to win big cash prizes going even up to ₹ 15,000.

  2. Your Child’s 1st Olympiad Competition

    At Bachpan Play School, we make use of a holistic approach to your child’s education. Our preschool Olympiad is one of the most recent innovative programs in that direction, which we have launched to enhance your child’s language, numerical, and environmental awareness through subjects like English, Maths, and EVS.

  3. Your Child’s 1st School Dance Competition

    Unlock and showcase your child’s dancing talent with ABCD (AHPS-Bachpan Competition of Dance). It is a whole adventure in itself, and not just any ordinary dance show with only prizes for the winners. ABCD offers your child a perfect opportunity to get appreciated and mentored by celebrity judges, such as Sudha Chandran.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Bachpan, What Are the Types of Preschool Programs?

We hold numerous innovative programs for our Bachpanites throughout the year. The ones that stand out the most are our Bachpan Baby Carnival, Olympiads, and ABCD (AHPS-Bachpan Competition of Dance).

What Is the Minimum Age for Olympiad?

All our Bachpanites are eligible for the Olympiads. The participants of the Bachpan Olympiads receive participation certificates, and the winners receive medals and merit certificates.

Is Olympiad Useful for Kids?

Yes, there are many benefits of the Olympiads for kids. They inspire analytical and logical thinking from an early age; ignite creativity, innovation, and cognitive development in your child; promote hard work and persistence; boost self-esteem and self-confidence; and nurture your child’s holistic development.

What Are the Benefits of a School Dance Competition?

Our preschool program ABCD (AHPS-Bachpan Competition of Dance) has the following benefits: It introduces your child to different dance forms through cultural exposure; provides a wonderful opportunity to meet with industry experts; teaches your child the value of discipline, perseverance, and hard work; fosters a well-rounded foundation for future pursuits; and creates a memorable and life-changing experience for your child.