Let’s lay the foundation for your child’s STEAM skills


Do you know STEM careers are increasing at a rapid pace in the world and STEM skills are in high demand more than ever? STEM education is vital for your child to become the leader of tomorrow. However, your child might not find the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths interesting or easy at first sight, so that’s where a Robotics kit for preschoolers becomes a plus for your child. We keep taking newer and newer initiatives for children at Bachpan Play School, and educational Robotic kits are one of the latest among those.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Robotics Good for Kids?

We live in a world where progress hinges on technology and robotics plays a crucial role. Introducing the basic concepts of Robotics to preschoolers helps in the development of their STEM skills at a time that is right. Since the abilities and interests of children develop quite early, introducing them to the world of technology through the Robotime kit helps in shaping their learning and career trajectory for the best, be it in any field.

What Does Robotics Teach Kids?

Robotics teaches the value of teamwork and collaboration to kids. Also, an educational Robotics kit for preschoolers helps enhance the critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities of kids.

What Are Advantages of Robotics Kit for Preschoolers?

More and more successful career trajectories have started to depend on STEM skills in today’s world. Also, it has become important in everyday situations as well for individuals to have an awareness of the technological world. Therefore, at Bachpan Play School, we head towards these advantageous goals for our preschoolers.

Is the Robotime Kit Available for Students Outside Bachpan?

We have designed the Robotime kits for our Bachpanites exclusively, hence the kits are not available for those not associated with Bachpan.