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Your child deserves the best learning experience, isn’t it? However, learning can become monotonous after a while if innovative tools and technologies such as Smart Classes for students are not used effectively. Hence, we at Bachpan, in collaboration with our tech-proficient arm Prismart, bring to your child an interesting blend of fun and education in the form of Smart Classes. Our world-class Smart Classes make use of a) powerful visuals, b) interactive videos, c) engaging quizzes, d) 3D and HD animations, e) simulations with state-of-the-art technology, and yes, a lot more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Smart Classes Beneficial for Students?

Yes, there are numerous benefits of Smart Classes for students. For instance, Smart Classes cater to the different learning needs of different learners by using interactive and innovative multimedia elements (such as educational videos, games, and animations). Also, visual representations facilitate complex concepts for students in a tailored manner, stimulating their active participation and engagement and yielding visible results in their learning outcomes.

What Smart Classroom Equipment Do You Use?

Smart Classroom equipment list consists of interactive digital whiteboards, a Learning Management System (LMS), audio and video tools, assessment tools, lecture recording system, etc.

Does Bachpan Play School Sell Smart Classroom Equipment?

No, we do not sell any equipment for Smart Classes. Everything that we manufacture in-house is primarily for our own franchise partners and playschools across India.

In One Line, What Is a Smart Classroom?

Broadly speaking, a smart classroom is a teacher-led but child-centric learning space that utilises interactive whiteboards, projectors, and such.