With a Talking Pen and Talking Books, give your child the best of Bachpan


Have you ever heard about a talking pen with books in India, and not just simple books, but Speak-O-Books? Our Speak-O-Kit is one of the unique offerings at Bachpan Play School for your child, which acts as a 24/7 passive learning tool, enabling learning for your child from anywhere at any time. It is an enchanting culmination of our years of research and development and makes efficient use of nanotechnology to bring to life the matter printed on talking pen books (i.e., Speak-O-Books). Every Speak-O-Kit is a set of 21 books and a talking pen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Talking About Speak-O-Kit, How to Use It?

Our Speak-O-Kit makes us the best play school in India precisely because it is very easy to use and child-friendly. Speak-O-Pen is just like any other chargeable toy (and yet, extraordinary) that your child has to switch on and place anywhere on the Speak-O-Books to learn the topic of their interest at their own pace.

What Is the Speak-O-Kit Price?

The price of Speak-O-Kit varies from playschool to playschool and class to class at Bachpan. Kindly get in touch with the respective Bachpan Play School for the required information.

What Is the Speak-O-Pen Price?

The price range of the Speak-O-Pen depends on the respective Bachpan Play School branch, but it is usually from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2500.

Is the Speak-O-Kit Available for Children Not in Bachpan?

No, they are not available outside Bachpan Play School. Our Speak-O-Kit review and usage are the exclusive territories of our Bachpanites and their parents.