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Bachpan is the first-ever preschool in India to bring Virtual Reality in education for children and integrate it into the teaching-learning process. It is a favourite fun-filled learning tool amongst children, as by simply putting on headgear, they can experience visits to the jungle safari, walks through nature, visits to the underwater world, and so much more. In one line, VR classes are realistic and immersive simulations in a 3D environment that transform complex and abstract concepts into practical settings for children so that they can grasp all the concepts with utmost clarity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are VR Classes?

VR classes, or let’s say, Virtual Reality in education, signify virtual but immersive learning experiences that have the power to keep students engaged. Above all, they are all about creating a safe and controlled learning space that greatly adds to the cognitive development of students and enhances their creativity through multisensory and hands-on exploration.

Is VR Class Good?

Yes, VR classrooms yield great results in increasing the learning outcomes of students. Many prestigious national and international institutions are exploring the role of VR in not only the education sector but in other sectors as well.

Is the VR Classroom Set Available at Every Bachpan Play School?

VR is available at selected Bachpan Play Schools only. Kindly contact the respective school for more information.

Can Parents Get a Free Demo of VR Classes at the School?

Yes, you can ask for a free demo of VR classes at our Bachpan Play School.